"Framing, roofing, drywall... the most versatile tool I've ever used."

- Touchwood Construction

"I've been installing drywall for over twenty years. I've used drywall lifts as a last resort when I was short on help. The set up and transportation of those things makes me want to just break down and hire more help, not to mention the cost of renting them. And they don't in any way speed up the installation process, they actually slow it down. So I finally got an opportunity to try "The ROKK" and once I got the system down I was flying through my jobs in half the time and with half the effort!! I also can't believe how easy it makes doing ceilings now! I look at drywalling in completely different light now and couldn't imagine ever doing another job without one!!"

Thanks from, Stephen @ R. Sheasley and Sons Construction Co.